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We have put this site together to bring you the best collection of steam cleaners that are in the marketplace, ranging from handheld to steam mops and also garment cleaners and accessories. We hope you enjoy our site and find a steam cleaner that works best for you to have a chemical free house and also reduce your monthly shopping bill by not having to by expensive kitchen and bathroom cleaning materials

Just what are the benefits of steam cleaning?

You may or may not be aware that steam is in itself an all-natural source that you can use to clean by simply utilizing water to create a powerful cleaning force.

By using just water it allows you to remove a lot of  of potentially hazardous and also sometimes expensive chemicals from your home and this allows your steam cleaner to become an exceptionally easy, safe and budget-friendly means to clean and tidy around your house.

Steam leaves no hazardous residues on your surface areas after cleaning and also it will not stain your clothes like bleach or some other chemicals would.

Steam kills several renowned bacteria such as e-coli, listeria, and also salmonella.
Using just water will of course ensure that you are being environmentally friendly.

Steam cleaners are not one application appliances they can be made use of practically anywhere for a variety of jobs. They are a lot more flexible compared to a vacuum cleaner for instance.

Exactly how does steam cleaning work?

The beauty of using steam to clean is that it is a very simple process. What happens is dirt and other types of gunk have sticky top qualities that allow them to adhere onto all different types of surfaces. The heat of the vapor melts the adhesive as well as the wetness of the vapor thins down the adhesive. Thus allowing it to be easily removed.

How does a Steam Cleaner work?

It’s as easy as this, you put clean water into a container which uses a heating element which boils the water and this creates the steam.

The steam then flows through a hose to the nozzle which you then direct at the area you want to clean. The only thing you have to watch out for is the water running out because you will of course have to refill the tank.

What can I Actually Steam Clean?

Steam Cleaners are really versatile and can be used in all different areas around your home, as well as on your vehicle and many other places. Here are some examples:-


Windows and also their frames
Curtains, drapes, blinds *(not draylon or velvet).
Floor covering such as laminate and carpets
Upholstery *(not draylon or velvet).
Fire Surrounds (non electrical).
Great for getting rid of pet dog hairs from carpetings and also furniture.


Stubborn fats and oil from cookers, stoves and also grills or barbeques.
Tiled floors and also wall surfaces.
Eliminating the “black areas” on grouting.
Around the sink and the taps.
Decontaminate and sanitize work surfaces.
Fridges & Freezers.
Defrost freezers in a portion of the time.

Bathroom and Shower Areas

Around taps and also shower heads.
Sanitizing commode bowls.
Tiled floors and also walls.
Shower displays or curtains.
Clean the “black bits” from grouting.
Porcelain or chrome.

In the Garden

Outside plastic furnishings or fibreglass.
Yard tools such as lawnmowers.
Decontaminating soil.
Eliminating weeds in patio areas.
Clean away algae from pool areas.

In vehicles

Fabric, leather or vinyl seats.
Storage Wells.
Great for getting rid of animal hair from seats.

On garments

Steam out wrinkles from clothes in seconds.
Revitalize the look of a garment.
Great for eliminating odors from your garments

Other Uses For A Steam Cleaner

Shoes and also boots.
High Chairs as well as consuming surfaces.

Other odd ball usages

Disinfecting beehives.
Sanitizing hay.
Flattens out knitwear off a knitting device.

What things should I consider when choosing a Steam Cleaner?

The size of the boiler – The concept is the greater the size of the boiler will mean the longer the operating time. Of course you will have to factor in that the bigger the boiler capacity is the longer it will take for the water to heat up and turn into steam. Depending on which design you decide to go for the steam could be up in less than one min or it could take as long as thirty minutes to obtain  a good tank of steam.

Tools and accessories – There are normally particular tools needed to do certain jobs. For instance the window/tile cleaner is made with a squeegee cutter to promptly cut through the gunk from the home windows.

The essential attachments are the floor cleaner, window/tile cleaner and jet nozzle often supplied with a brush nozzle or scraper nozzle attachment.

Various other devices include garment steamer accessories and also attachments to aid in unblocking your sink.

As a rule of thumb the more devices you have the more flexibility you will get with your steam cleaner, however have a check of the extras you are getting first because at the end of the day you don’t want to be paying extra for items you’re never going to use.

Storage space – Generally the steamers don’t take up much room, you can get a proper storage bag if you want but on the whole they aren’t really worthwhile

Flexibility – When utilizing a steam cleaner for cleansing floors you want one with a tank that you can pull around rather than carry on your shoulder. Nowadays there are a lot of steam mops which can be used on the floors and then broken down to a hand held version for using on other surfaces.

Simple to use – Really you just want to make sure you pick a steamer that is simple to use, easy to maneuver and lightweight.

What is the distinction between ‘pressurized’ and also ‘non-pressurized’?

Manufacturers want you to be of the impression that pressurized steamers are going to enable you to blast the dirt away. This is just marketing talk, it’s not necessary to have a highly pressurized cleaner it is the heat and power of the steam that does all the hard work for you not high pressure.