The Eureka Envirosteamer Steam Mop is one of the more popular steam mops available on the market today. It has many features which gives it the edge over other mops of its kind. If you want a mop which will sanitise your floors and clean other surfaces in your home, then the Eureka Envirosteamer Steam Mop is a perfect choice. It will clean floors such as laminate, stone, marble, ceramic, vinyl, linoleum and sealed hardwood and with its fully detachable handle, it can be used to sterilise and steam your worktops too. This mop is very environmentally friendly as it uses only water and does not included any disposable pads to be thrown away. So for those who want to make a difference, you will be thrilled with this product which eliminates the need for any cleaning products.

Eureka Enviro Steamer Steam Mop Features

The Eureka Envirosteamer Steam Mop has a swivel head which will allow you to reach almost anywhere especially those tight corners and will allow you to manoeuvre around objects. The tall handle can be fully detached to enable cleaning of counter tops and other areas. Unlike some other steam mops the Eureka Envirosteamer Steam Mop comes with a very long cord which will enable you to get round more rooms without having to unplug. Temperatures of 220 degrees Fahrenheit means it will kill almost all germs and bacteria leaving you with completely sanitised surfaces. The water takes around three minutes to heat which is a little longer than some other mops but at those high heats, at least you know the floors will be spotless. Another feature that this mop has which others don’t is the fact that you do not need to push a button to get steam. This has the added advantage of constant steam being available resulting in better cleaning power.

Benefits of the Eureka Envirosteamer Steam Mop

The Eureka Enviro Steamer Steam Mop has its water tank positioned at the base of the machine meaning that all the weight is on the bottom which will push down on the floor when mopping. This will result in better cleaning and less time pushing back and forth over stubborn marks. It is a completely lightweight machine which allows for easy cleaning of the whole house. Once the tanks is filled with water and it has reached the required temperature, you can begin mopping without having to pull a mop bucket around with you as with the traditional mop.