Are you looking for wallpaper steamer reviews, ratings, and comparisons? If so, you’ve come to the right place. On our site, you’ll find unbiased reviews of the best wallpaper steamers on the market, and simple guides on how to find and select the best wallpaper steamer for your needs.

A wallpaper steamer is an appliance running on electricity that is used to produce steam through boiling of water constantly. The steam then goes through a thin bore tube to a face plate and then the plate is held against a wallpapered wall. As the steam permeates through the paper, it saturates its background while dissolving the desiccated paper at the same time. The appliance allows you to pull or scrap the wallpaper off the wall with relative ease.

Top 3 Wallpaper Steamer Reviews

With so many wallpaper removal steamer reviews found online, finding the best wallpaper steamer becomes a daunting task. To help you avoid it, we provide brief reviews of the above wallpaper steamers.

1. Wagner 0282018

The Wagner 0282018 generates 1,500 watts of steam power that it is able to penetrate even multiple layers of wallpapers in approximately 10 seconds only. If you have wallpaper that has been painted over, this steamer will also do the job well to make the entire paper easier to peel. Another good thing is that the steam is produced only by using tap water without any chemical substance such as detergent or solvent.


The only major drawback is that the manufacturer does not offer optional accessory or attachment. The plate that comes with the steamer is in rectangle shape and it is indeed quite large. However, it will be good if there are more options available such as sizes and shapes as well.

2. Earlex LMB150NA

The Earlex LMB150NA SteamMaster is built to be strong. The dimension is probably bigger and heavier compared to other similar products, but this steamer is built this way to support the weight of an adult or maximum 300 pounds. Another good thing is that the steamer provides not only one but two gallons capacity of water reservoir (about 7.5 liters). Also, the product has 16-inch long power cord and 16-inch long steam hose, allowing you to cover wide areas without even moving the main unit at all.


The only major complaint is that the motor takes quite a while to heat the water to produce steam. However, you can simply make everything faster by pouring hot water into the reservoir.

3. HomeRight C800880 SteamMachine

The HomeRight C800880 Steam Machine comes with a steam plate which you can apply directly to an area of your wallpaper for about 20 seconds to greatly reduce its adhesive power. The steam plate can be attached to either steam gun or the extension ward. There is a power button on the main unit and a trigger on the steam gun. It allows you take control of the amount of steam coming out of the machine.


Most customers agree that the wallpaper steamer performs as expected. The 1200ml capacity water reservoir does around 45-minutes job, and that is enough for one session of steaming. It does the job well, especially when the wallpaper is scored first. The only major problem is that it requires full 20-minutes of cooling down before you can refill and use the machine again.

7 Factors to Consider When Buying a Wallpaper Steamer

Before deciding to buy the first wallpaper steamer, there are many things you should take into consideration.

1. Wattage – When buying a steamer, you’re probably looking for a unit that will help you save some money as far electricity costs are concerned. Thus, it’s advisable that you go for a steamer whose wattage is relatively low. However, low wattage could also mean less power. If you’re using the steamer for a large project, you will want to go with a steamer that’s powerful enough to complete the task quickly which means high wattage. In other words, you unit of choice should have the wattage that matches the task you’re going to use it for.

2. Water Tank – Again, the size of the water tank depends on the size of the job. If the magnitude of the task you’re using the steamer for isn’t big, you might consider buying a steamer that has a small tank. For bigger jobs, a steamer with a big tank might be the best option. While a bigger tank may mean that you need fewer refills in between the job, it might also mean that the steamer can be cumbersome to use. Thus, a big tank is only necessary when you have big tasks if you put convenience into consideration.

3. Hose Length – The best wallpaper steamer should have a hose that’s long enough to help you access the hard to reach areas easily. For instance, if you’re working on a high ceiling room, you may want a steamer that will reach the ceiling without any hassles. Placing it on a raised platform so as to reach such areas could prove burdensome and risky.

4. Steam Plate – If you’re using the wallpaper steamer occasionally, you may to go with a basic unit, which is compact with a simple design. You’d certainly consider buying a light unit as well. All these features mean efficiency and ease of use. However, if you’re using it for professional purposes, additional features such as a steam plate should be checked. Such additional features are necessary especially when you want to remove Artex in addition to wallpaper.

5. Brand – Just like anything else, there are wallpaper steamer brands that are synonymous with high quality. Brands such as Wagner, HomeRight or even Earlex have been around for years and are well known with the kind of quality they offer. If you’re buying a steamer for professional use, then you’re better off with a recognized brand.

6. Warranty – Any manufacturer who trusts the quality of their product will most likely attach a long warranty to it. The same case goes for wallpaper steamers. When purchasing a steamer, go for the one that has the longest warranty, preferably not less than 1 year.

7. Customer Reviews – There’s no better way to know more about a product than to hear what other users have to say about it. A steamer that has a lot of positive customer reviews will make a good buy and vice versa. Read customer reviews online and at the manufacturer’s website before making a purchase.

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Wallpaper Steamer

Although a traditional wallpaper remover only costs a few dollars, there are at least four benefits to purchasing a wallpaper removal steamer.

1. Eco-friendly (No Chemicals) – Bearing in mind that a wallpaper steamer runs on electricity, the amount of emission is at its minimal which means less air pollution. In addition, there are no toxic chemicals used when operating the steamer meaning that’s there’s no soil pollution as well.

2. More Effective – The best wallpaper steamer should not only be easy to use but quick to accomplish tasks as well. As a matter fact you’re more likely to complete a task 3 times faster if you used a steamer. A steamer can break down all kinds of wallpaper not to mention that you can skim wallpaper away in whole sheets.

3. No Wall Damage – When using a steamer you can be guaranteed that no damage will be caused to the wall you’re working on. This is due to the fact that you don’t need hot steam or scrapping which by extension means that there are no scalds or damage to plaster.

4. Can Remove Any Type of Wallpaper – Most wallpaper that requires steaming has a surface that’s not easily penetrable by water. This makes them hard to remove especially if you’re using a utility knife. However, with a wallpaper steamer, you can remove any type of wallpaper due to its ability to break down any kind of wallpaper.

3 Disadvantages of Buying a Wallpaper Steamer

Beside above benefits, there are some disadvantages of buying a wallpaper steamer.

1. More Expensive than Rental – The initial cost of buying a wallpaper steamer is quite high when compared to hiring the unit. Sometimes you want to use the steamer for a small tasks and buying one isn’t that economical. Your own steamer might be only economical if you’re using it in the long term.

2. Uses a Lot of Electricity – While a wallpaper steamer may be very fast and efficient, you should prepare some additional electricity costs. This is particularly true if you’re working on a big task that might take a lot of time to complete. However, like mentioned before, the amount of electricity a unit uses is related to the amount of wattage.

3. Dangerous if Used Improperly – A wallpaper steamer needs to be handled with extra care. If in the wrong hands or when used by an amateur, it can cause serious damage if anything goes wrong. Also, the machine has a tendency of getting very hot and can become a fire hazard when tipped over.


When buying a wallpaper steamer, you certainly want to end up with a unit that offers good value for money. The best wallpaper steamer should meet all your needs and perhaps exceed them. However, you have the duty to make the right selection so as to end up with what you want. With the tips provide here, you now know what to look for the next time you head out to buy a wallpaper steamer.